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Yellow sequin g-string bikini


Bright yellow sequin. Fully lined.


This suit is sequin …real sequin not glued on confetti dots like cheap “sequin ” . Real sequin is small plastic or mylar pieces affixed to the fabric. When I make the casing for the string on the top there is 1/4 of an inch of the sequin fabric on the inside of the top. Some find this scratchy. I personally do not. I wore and sold these suits for years before Etsy without issues. A small number of buyers have left the comment that they are “scratchy” that’s just sequin so if you are sensitive you might prefer hologram or mystique suits. I’ve probably sold in my career on and off Etsy 20,000 of these suits. So I will continue but just wanted to warn prospective buyers of the nature of the fabric. Thank you

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Top size

Micro, A, B, C, D

Tie style

no ties, tie side